Design for the now.

We're a multidisciplinary group helping in-house teams, and early stage companies launch relevant new ventures.

We're Additional Corporation.

Our mission is to help you achieve yours.

Think of venture design as a form of funding.

We see design as a risk-reducing effort, instead of money, investments are made in experiments, research, and rapid prototyping. This way, we'll know sooner than later how people feel about a venture, and together, we'll shape its potential — safely — one step at a time.

Blue Flag Partners.

Designed for growth.

A refined brand, and content first site now anchors $250 million in active projects. Made in partnership with Good Stories.


Brand stories.

Storytelling software that makes it easy and rewarding for employees to share culture in action.

NFL Players Association.

Helping players after football.

Over $21 million dollars in financial, medical, and educational assistance has made the PAF the leading foundation assisting NFL Former Players.

Empathy is our underlying magic.

We join your team as designers, and technologists to deeply understand the feelings, motivation and ideas that inspired a venture in the first place. From day one, we get to work exposing the value behind the venture, and together, design powerful, meaningful experiences that create a positive impact on people's lives, and their communities.

We also thoroughly enjoy having high-level, strategic conversations about process, ideas or finished design to insure the ideal amount of impact is achieved.

Installations, experiments, movements.

Simple ideas brought to life.