Additional Corporation

Design partner for internal teams.

Our mission is to help you achieve yours.

We join in-house teams to discover how people interact with technology, shape how products are designed, trigger innovation, explore new experiences, build the user interface, and shape marketing operations to produce simpler end-to-end experiences. We're bi-lingual strategists, designers, technologists and software engineers who want deliver the most impact on business and society.

Make an impact, from day one.

We're not shy about asking the hard questions, championing bold ideas or new technology to make every aspect of an experience better. This mindset has taken down walls between departments, released people from the chains of mediocrity, and significantly grown business by making customers happier from day one.

Blue Flag Partners.

Designed for growth.

A refined brand, and content first site now anchors $250 million in active projects. Made in partnership with Good Stories.


Brand stories.

Storytelling software that makes it easy and rewarding for employees to share culture in action.

NFL Players Association.

Helping players after football.

Over $21 million dollars in financial, medical, and educational assistance has made the PAF the leading foundation assisting NFL Former Players.

Your most important partner.

We make it a priority to constantly check in on how the people around us feel, what they might be thinking, and how we can improve conditions to create the best results possible. We take great pride in forming long-term relationships, shipping lasting products, and enabling our partners to easily build on what we've created together.

Installations, experiments, movements.

Beyond the screen.