More is always better.

Más siempre es mejor.

We're design entrepreneurs, and won't stop creating until we help our clients reach their goals.

Somos empresarios del diseño y no dejaremos de crear hasta que ayudemos a nuestros clientes a alcanzar sus objetivos.

Karla Stelling

Partner, Design

Passionate illustrator and designer inspired by mid-century modern shapes, abstract patterns, and vibrant color palettes. Led the creation of national advertising for Polar, led design of events for Farmatodo, and worked closely with Hewlett Packard's internal programs group. Leads brand design, and social content. 17 years of graphic design experience strongly favoring the food and fitness industries. Leads branding, and social efforts. Past life: Design lead for LOWE Venezuela.

Ryan Sanzari

Partner, Design

Agile designer with over 18 years of print, digital and enviromental experience. Led packaging, point of sale, apps, platforms, and trade show design for Sony and Mercedes Benz to Altoids, Capri Sun, Chips Ahoy!, Oreo, Ritz, Tang, and many others. Leads brand asset management, and logistics projects. Past life: Design lead for Kraft.

Jeff McWeeney

Founding Partner, Design

Systematic thinker and advisor with nearly 20 years of digital strategy, product design, and marketing experience. Led Radisson's first mobile app, built a breakthrough break dancing game for McDonald's, designed AT&T Digital Life, created pioneering digital installations for TD Bank, and American Electric Power. Focused on making products simpler, and companies more human-centric. Past life: Experience Design Lead at Accenture for Salesforce.